Truth Serum

For a man, his orgasm is the sexual “moment of truth.” Upon completion, a man is instantly filled with unrivaled satisfaction… Or unrivaled regret. And not until orgasm can he truly know what he will feel. And to he honest, not until completion does he actually care. Up until that point, he is blinded by lust, and thus his judgement is severely compromised.

I mean seriously guys, have you ever been with a woman (maybe on a first date, maybe a one night stand, or maybe even in a relationship on the edge of moving forward or needing to be cut off), done the dirty, climaxed like a champ, and then thought to yourself either… “Fuck, that was amazing!” OR “Fuck, I have made a terrible mistake” (for any number of reasons)?

You probably saw the pros and cons going into the situation.  But were you able to really see past the end of your dick?  Likely not.  Did you even care before that point?  Again, likely not.  Why?

Because semen is your truth serum.  Not until you’ve released it do you realize what you’ve done… good or bad.  There is nothing quite like an orgasm to instantly clear those lusty cobwebs in your head.

I really wonder what sorts of decisions (in general, in all areas of life) men would be making if they weren’t so sex driven?  Is there a female equivalent? Are women blinded by something as equally powerful as the primal male desire/need to “spread his seed?”


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