Gender Equality? Or Not? Part Deux

I am not the type of man who needs or wants to be dominant over a woman.  I don’t carry the kind of male insecurities that lead to seeking out a meek or insecure woman that I could elicit some control over.  For me, meek is boring.  In my dating life, and especially when I commit to a relationship, I want someone who will be a partner, not a passenger.  Someone who can call me out on my bullshit and make me take a hard look at myself when necessary, and someone who is not afraid to keep me pointed in the right direction.  I don’t need a bully, a mommy, a nanny, or a nag… I need a strong woman.

I was raised by a strong Irish Catholic mother, who took no shit from her sons, and did an amazing job of raising us (if I say so myself).  She was firm but fair.  I am not a momma’s boy, but I would be so lucky to find a woman of that strength and fortitude in my dating life.

I know they must still exist, but where have all the strong women of my generation gone?  Where do they hang out?


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