Gender Equality? Or Not?

I don’t think I have ever found a woman to be intimidating.

Bold statement, right?  I have found high achieving and strong women to be very attractive, very engaging, very desirable… sometimes abrasive, combative, and competitive (and not in any negative sense… but in a zero tolerance for bullshit sense… an I don’t play into my gender role sense)… and I like that.  A lot.  I am attracted to a woman who backs herself, who understands her own value, and who accepts her insecurities but doesn’t wear them on her sleeve.

And I would imagine, women like the same in a man, right?  Do women prefer meek men or strong men???

I mean, that’s how we break down gender stereotypes, right?  Place everyone on equal footing…  value them on the same scale and set of criteria for what is considered attractive… regardless of sex.  In this way, any PERSON would then be viewed as attractive, or not, within the given set of criteria, regardless of gender.


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