#Hashtags In Technology Courtship

Yes, hashtags can have a place in texts between you and your female counterpart. How, you might ask? #wellletmetellyou. Hashtags are like the vanity license plates of the interwebs. Yes, in rare circumstances, they make sense to the general population and might even be relatable. Yet, for the most part, they only mean something to the author and maybe a select few others. So, what better place to use hashtags then in a sexually charged conversation with a woman? When it comes to hashtags, it’s a war of escalation. Start slowly with hashtags like #hot, #booty, #sexy, or #fit. Then work on putting hashtags together, like #hotbooty or #sexybooty. Eventually, after playing the game back and forth (if she is any fun at all, she will pick up on what you are doing and join in)… escalate to longer hashtags, until you arrive at something like the following:

#iwanttopressupagainstyourhotsexycurvybooty. It’s like German. Just put a whole bunch of words together to get your idea across. And if you have worked up your back and forth hashtags to a point that leads to one like the previous example, I’d say you are pretty much set for a great time.  Hashtags. Useless on Facebook, somewhat useless on Twitter and Instagram, and yet very very useful in playful sexting. Who would have thought?!


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