Who Is The Bandit?

The Sex Bandit

The Sex Bandit

Who am I?!

Ladies:  I am Prince Charming… or maybe I’m not.  In reality, I could be the “douche bag” you so vehemently despise. I could be the guy you would turn down instantly if I were to approach you at a bar, the grocery store, the street, a coffee shop… anywhere.  Or, then again, maybe I could be the guy you woke up next to this morning… and you either can’t believe it (for good reasons) or you can’t believe it (for bad).

Gentlemen:  I am the guy you want to be… or then again, maybe not.  I could be your best friend, or I could just be some dude you want to fight at the bar.  I could be the kind of guy you hate, or maybe, just maybe, I could be you.

Whomever you want me to be… Yes, I am that guy.

And that’s the point.  Regardless of who you think I might be, trust me when I say, there is a lot of “me” out there… all around you, and at all times.  We are the 30-something, educated, professional single men, dead set on satisfying our primal urges, possibly looking for “the One” (although growing increasingly wary of her existence), waxing philosophical on any number of topics, and always living life for the stories arising from our lifelong journey to understand and engage the farer sex.

In the end, it truly does not matter who I am.

What does matter is that I will continue to churn out as much content as comes to mind… unfiltered, unadulterated, and extremely raw (spanning across a broad range of topics, well beyond that of simply “chasing skirt”).  How much of it is fact and how much of it fiction, how much of it downplay and how much of it embellishment, I will leave to you to determine.  Do I really think or feel the things I write in this blog?  Did the tales of dating/relationship/sexual triumph and tragedy really happen?  Do I actually believe the things I am telling you (and consequently telling myself)?

I will let you decide.


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